Accurate communication leads to correct actions

Experience fast and accurate communication, even with varying ambient noises
Android support
Android support

For Android-based PTT, noise reduction can be applied through a few lines of code provided by Deep Hearing.

Noise reduction performance
Noise reduction performance

Enables accurate communication from Deep Hearing by removing noise, boasting short processing times and high performance.

Eliminate echos and howling
Eliminate echos and howling

Deep Hearing's noise reduction solves the howling problem from the microphone picking up loud sounds from the speaker.

Accurate communication

Deep Hearing provides noise reduction in various environments. With one application, not only noise reduction but also echo and howling elimination can be applied to solve the inconvenience of users' communication.

Accurate communication

Easy development guide

Experience noise reduction on-device without building a separate server for Android-based PTT. Apply this easily with the development guide provided by Deep Hearing.

Easy development guide

We provide an improved communication experience at once,

regardless of the situation.


Communication between employees, such as dealing with complaints, can proceed without interruption, improving customer satisfaction.


Precise communication can be achieved by preventing the factors that may interfere with conversation in an emergency.


It can provide a better communication experience by only conveying the user's words and not the sounds of the people around them.


It provides a safer site and minimizes communication blockages caused by ambient noise.


Even in noisy places around the road, with accurate communication, problems can be solved on the spot without leaving one's seat.


Accurate instructions can provide a safe and rapid communication experience to prevent accidents in advance.

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