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DeepHearing leads the audio technology landscape with innovative, lightweight AI solutions. Our advanced features, including directional beamforming and noise reduction, ensure exceptional audio quality across all environments.
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Eliminate noise and howling

Not only in the everyday environment but also in the noisy settings, the human voice is made clear.

Fast throughput

Lightweight, noise-cancelling solutions enable fast processing on low-end devices.

High scalability

You can experience noise reduction solutions anywhere in Windows and Mac, Android and IOS, or the Web.

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Offers on-device libraries available on desktop and mobile.
Enhance the conversation experience of users through the Deep Hearing SDK on various platforms, including desktop and mobile, regardless of OS.

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Desktop app that can be linked to video conferencing for clear voice.
Enhance your communication experience with a desktop app that can be used in compatible for use with various video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, MS teams, and Google Meets.

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On-device noise reduction and speech activity detection algorithms mounted on semiconductor chips.
We provide noise reduction and VAD on low-power chips for small devices such as wearables.

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Deep Hearing use cases

We solve communication problems.


Deep Hearing's noise reduction solution eliminates the howling that can result from the sound of the PTT device speaker getting picked up by the microphone. By eliminating howling, smooth communication can be enjoyed even when the speaker is turned up loud.

Video Conference

On a web-based video conferencing platform, Deep Hearing's fast and powerful noise cancellation solution enables smooth communication at home, cafes, conference rooms, etc. without worrying about ambient noise.

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