Video Conference

Make it a true video conferencing platform with no location restrictions

Users no longer have to wander around looking for quiet places to join video conferences.
Browser support
Browser support

Comfortable video conferencing is provided free from worries about the surroundings through noise reduction on web-based video conferencing platforms.

Short processing time
Short processing time

Experience noise-reduced voices in a browser with the noise reduction of Deep Hearing, boasting short processing times and high performance.

Eliminate echos and howling
Eliminate echos and howling

Video conferences can be conducted without worrying about surrounding people's speaker sounds or voices, or the echo of the conference room, as only the user's own voice is delivered.

Video conferencing without concern about the surroundings

Deep Hearing provides noise reduction in various environments. With one application, noise , echo, and howling elimination can be applied to solve the inconvenience of users' communication.

Video conferencing without concern about the surroundings

Easy development guide

Experience noise reduction within the browser with no communication issues. Apply this easily with the development guide provided by Deep Hearing.

Easy development guide

We provide consistent communication

regardless of situation and purpose.


You no longer have to worry about video conferencing in a café or public space to handle urgent business.


The sounds of keyboards and speech of other people in the same office are no longer a consideration when choosing a meeting place.

Meeting Room

Even with other people in the same room, you can focus on the meeting without muting your microphone or speaker.


During a meeting, you can improve your communication experience by reducing worries about not being able to hear well.


We can help you focus on what you are saying without worrying about the sounds around you.


We can help keep your kids focused while learning.

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